Our Company
EMA Engineering Australia Pty. Ltd.

EMA Engineering Australia PTY. LTD.is a engineering manufacture company based in Australia who invented the Bearing Oil Analyzer BOA™ in 1991.

EMA Engineering Australia Pty. Ltd. is working towards ISO 9001-2000 standards for manufacturing.

The BOA™ is is manufactured using a CNC machine and our latest invention of BOA is version 7 that manufactured to internal standar E-03/Rev C

Our Product
The original BOA™ (Bearing Oil Analyser™)

The BOA™ is for use with pumps, gearboxes, compressor, fans and other rotating equipment with oil in the bearing housing


Designed in 1991 and manufactured in Australia towards ISO 9001-2000 Standards.

Designed to detect contamination in bearing oil and to take samples.

As little as 0.002% of water in the bearing oil will reduce the bearing life by 48%.

Currently used by the Major Oil Refineries, Power Utilities and Chemical Plants.

Manufactures as a preventive maintenance tool.

25,000 sold world wide.

Benefits & Advantages of Using BOA™

Reasons for using bearing oil analyzer in your plant :

  • To improve the running time of the pumps the bearing oil must be kept in good condition. The BOA will give you an insight of what is happening with the oil in the bearing chamber.
  • Water is heavier than oil, so water will always settle in the bottom, hence the reason the bearing oil analyzer is mounted in the pump bracket drain plug.
  • As little as .002% of water mixed in with oil will reduce the bearing life expectancy by 48% (see chart evaluation of water in bearing oil). This small amount of water can be found simply due to condensation (hot day and cool night).
  • Most refineries will take oil samples and send this to their laboratory for testing in order to assess a need for oil change Typically a sample is extracted from the fill point of the pump. Using a BOA one can open the valve during normal running, either drain out the water or take out the oil sample.
  • The purpose of the magnet is to collect metal particles, which comes from wear during running of the bearing.
  • If there is a problem with the bearing, this will run hot and contaminate the oil. If you cannot see through the oil glass (un-clean oil or black) the oil might above 80 Deg C, which is the recommended maximum temperature from bearing manufactures. The pump need to be stopped immediately to avoid severe damage (bearing bracket - seal - impellor - pump housing).
  • BOA is also used with all rotating equipment types e.g. gear boxes, fans, compressors, and oil mist systems (used as separator for water and oil). Note that the BOA must be placed in the drain plug. If space does not allow or a vertical pump is used, please use two elbows and pipe to get the BOA in the correct position.
  • The BOA can be used as a level gage in the bearing bracket, by replacing the existing sight glass. This allows a better visual reading of the oil level in the bearing bracket. The valve can be replaced and the safety plug screwed in it place.


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